Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Learn different types of SEO techniques

http://allseoknowledge.blogspot.comSearch Engine Optimization of a website means to optimize a website for specific keywords that the website ranks higher in search robots for keywords. A website when ranked higher in search engines by keyword, then it means that if a user opens Internet Google, the types of the same keyword in the search bar and click search, the website will in the most important pages of that particular search. SEO is very profitable for a website because if a site is search engine optimized for a particular keyword, then the site will get tons of unique visitors. There are different types of search techniques engine optimization.

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First is white hat SEO technique. This is the most reliable because the main objective of this technique is to write quality content. In this technique, the experts to write articles for people and not robots Google or other search engines. First place in this technique comes from the skills of marketing and quality content. SEO experts agree that "Content is king" and thus focus more on writing quality content rather than playing tricks to get listed in Google. This hat includes activities such as writing quality articles, submission to article directories senior public relations, participating in forum discussions, submitting website to search robots, etc.

Second is gray hat SEO technique. It is different from white hat. The concept of this hat is if they are willing to take risks, you will be rewarded. Buying links is an example of this hat. If Gray Hat SEO technique is applied wisely, it can not ban the site on Google and the site very soon will be rewarded with a good range of SE. The risk of being banned is low because this hat does not break any rules engine Google or Yahoo. The results are also achieved faster compared with the white hat.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

How Search Engines Work

allseoknowledgeSearch engines work with a number of different algorithms that can be called "spiders" which search or "crawl" the web for sites that are relevant to specific keywords users input. While these algorithms become quite complicated and watch a number of different aspects of web sites are a few key components that search engines look for in their searches.
Some of the important factors search engines are:
  • Links
  • Content
  • On-Page Factors

When a site links to other web could be seen by a search engine spider as a vote for that website. In short, if site A links to site B, which is essentially a vote for site A to site B. The more links coming into a more the site is seen as valuable content that can benefit a user. The greatest power that the site has to issue the initial vote (a place in my example) the incoming link value is in general.

The content also plays an important factor for websites. Web sites with content that matches very closely to the search words allows customers to search engines for a better user experience. Search engines consider sites with high quality content to have more authority on a subject, as individual consumers to go to the more experienced professional or knowledgeable for advice or service quality. The more authority a site has, the more relevant it is considered that the consultation of a customer to meet customer needs for the search.

On-Page Factors:
There are a number of pages of the factors that play an important role in the ranking of search engine sites. Sites with good page titles and headings that relate to the search words, for example, tend to have more weight than the pages where titles and headings are not related to search terms however, is its content. Proper use of H1, H2 and H3, including the headers that relate to specific search terms on web pages can help strengthen the web page ranking that simply describe the subject content.

Complex algorithms to combat spam:
In each of these areas search engines are constantly waging a war against spammers link post links to a wide range of sites which seek to increase its relevance to the particular conditions. Some Web site developers use this to your advantage to get the search engine ranking and attract more traffic. To counter these search engines are junk bonds regulate the development of increasingly complex algorithms (with thousands of factors affecting the results of search engines) to search the web, ignoring or elimination of these sites shade.

Friday, February 10, 2012

What kind of sites are being affected by the update of Google Panda?

all seo knowledgeThe Panda Google Update is an update of its algorithms published by Google, the world's largest search engine. The Panda Google Update is designed to decrease the level of sites that scrape or copy content from other sites on the Internet, a reminder of how Google can be powerful when it comes to dealing with duplicate content. While this has boosted the ranking of some sites like YouTube or Vimeo, has had a negative effect on many sites.

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"What sites have been affected by the update of Google Panda?"
Sites that appear to have been most affected are those known as "content farms." The content farms are defined by Wikipedia as a site that employs large numbers of independent and professional writers to create content that is designed to provide maximum recovery of text produced by the search engines due to the fact that it is written to meet regulations of the Google algorithms.
There are many websites that use content that is just spam, but contain high amounts of keywords and keyword phrases. The Panda Google Update is designed to decrease the level of those sites and leave your rating through the floor. Now, instead of focusing exclusively on the keywords used in these sites, updating Panda is causing Google search engine to search through content to find the text that is really relevant and accurate.
The main sites that have been affected by this update are:
Sites like Demand Media, Suite 101, Answers.com, and many other sites that use a large amount of text with keywords that is just content to improve the ranking of individual websites
A number of tech sites that provide similar tests on the same product have also received a serious blow, with a major review sites of high technology in the UK not even taken in the first two pages of a search Google search results.
Many sites offer discount coupons or shopping deals have also been hit hard due to the fact that many of the pages of the websites seem to have duplicate content and spam.
Many websites that show sales in several places have also been hit.
What sites are not the objective of Panda Google Update?
Updating Google Panda has been known to the sites that aim to:
  • A lot of duplicate content, or content that is considered to be doubled.
  • A low amount of original content, or content that is unique to the web site.
  • Many of the ads that appear to be inadequate or irrelevant to the theme of the website.
  • Many pages that have little original content.
  • Page title tag and content that match the search queries that the page has a high yield.
  • Over-optimization of web pages, or use of text that has too many keywords, regardless of whether they appear to be natural or not.
  • Pages that have low time of visit
  • Pages with high bounce rates
  • Low rate of return visitors
  • Few links leading to the page
  • Repetitive or identical content on each page
  • Few links that lead to the home page social media sites
If your site has all the above features, then you may want to take steps to correct the website to make sure your site is not discarded or degraded by Google Panda update.
What I can do to change my website?
    To reduce the effect that Google Panda will update its website, it is vital to make some changes to your website. The following changes may be simple, but are essential to ensure that your website does not have to be a successful update of Google Panda:
  • Get rid of ads on your site too. The pages that have too many ads are often degraded by the update, so get rid of all advertising is excessive or irrelevant.
  • Make sure your pages do not contain duplicate content of any other website. Make sure all the content on your page is complete only.
  • Find if any of the individual pages of your website are getting the results of a keyword that is not the actual keyword for that page. Google is punishing sites that get results, so the changes necessary to correct this problem.
  • Always make sure that the owners of the pages coincides with the text and the content of these pages. Pages that have this discrepancy are those who have been severely affected by this latest update, so take the time to correct their website.
  • Ensure that any content that you post on your website is really useful and reliable. The value that gives content to read it, the higher your ranking with Google will update Google Panda.
  • Try adding a few words on each page, as search engines improve the ranking of pages that have a high content of speech.
  • Make sure your site is highly visible in social media sites. Make people post comments on their social media sites, and make sure your website to share with as many people as possible to ensure that they have not been degraded.
  • Try to establish links to your site as many as possible, using all means possible. Do not just focus on social media, but work on getting other websites, forums, article directories and link back to your website.

Monday, February 6, 2012

25 Short SEO Tips for a Longer Life website

allseoknowledgeSearch Engine Optimization is a huge topic and one of the most effective tool that can bring a prospect to your website. That takes a lot of time, effort, research and the ability to become a teacher.

Before starting to develop its own strategy and implementation plan to optimize your site to improve page ranking, you have to think about what the goal of this initiative.

With better knowledge of search engines and how they work, you can also do it yourself.
    Here=====>>all seo knowledge provide a brief of 25 tips and techniques:
  1. Make sure your site is fully operational before submitting it - NO Submit a site is under construction or have a single page.
  2. Send the domain or URL that are contained in the corect format (http://www.mydomain.com - some directories that accept without http://)
  3. DO NOT submit domains that redirect to another site
  4. Create a good website for users, not for search engines. Do not present different content to search engines that show users
  5. Avoid the hype, Speeches, whimpering, and speculation
  6. Selecting the most relevant category for your site. Do not make the mistake of selecting the category of too fast without checking if there was a relevant category. Take your time and choose the most appropriate category.
  7. The links should ideally be optimized for the keywords you want your site ranked for. Search engines use keywords or key phrases to identify web pages that are relevant to these terms. Therefore, use the right keywords and keyword phrases.
  8. Use relevant keywords in the text of the title and avoid words like "leader", the "larger", "best" and "cheaper" or any other exaggerated adjective.
  9. You should have researched your keywords well and chosen those who are slightly, but competed for search properly.
  10. Do not overstuff the anchor text - the text title of each page must be clearly defined with relevant keywords.
  11. Do not use generic terms to optimize your website. You will not improve your ranking at all. It is important to select keywords that are not improving your ranking at all. It is important to select keywords that are not overused and accurately describe (briefly) what the site is about.
  12. Select words or phrases that target a niche segment. Use advanced tools to create a list of relevant keywords, which do not attract much competition in its niche segment.
  13. Check for broken links and correct HTML and avoid hidden text or links.
  14. The creation of links - which are effectively optimized - is essential to get more traffic and get high rankings in search engines.
  15. To prevent your submission is rejected, do not make your title and description sound too promotional. Make sure your title and ALT tags are descriptive and accurate.
  16. Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content or links. The search engine crawler does not recognize text contained in images.
  17. NO mention in your description "and others" or "etc" or even "..."
    18)Include the email address of your site's domain is NOT a free account like yahoo, hotmail or gmail.
  18. It is essential to test the robots.txt file. Robots.txt file crawlers which directories can or can not be tracked.
  19. Use relevant keywords in title text and anchor text can improve your rankings in search engines
  20. Do not repeat keywords more than once
  21. Do not create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with duplicate content substanially. Provide unique content, relevant and fresh to their users with good grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
  22. NO submmit sites that viruses, Trojans, malware or other instal.
  23. Submit your site to relevant search engines and class in the main directory, such as the Open Directory Project, Yahoo, Google!
  24. Make the best of care directories presenting their links in the first place. Once your site has been accepted, can be extremely difficult to change any of the Mather presented.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is PageRank?

allseoknowledgeChances are you have been on the internet and have been sailing in and out of websites looking for valuable information pertaining to a favorite topic or researching a subject for school or work. As you type in the word (s) that match the information you are looking for on Google, you come up with 10,000 pages of information. It is virtually impossible to go through each one, so you refine your search by adding more exclusive keywords. Voila the number of pages reduces to around 1,000. But it is a lot of pages, but you start looking through the information to find what you want.
Passing through the first 10 links on the page, WHAM! The information you need to find was in the first or second in order of PageRank. One wonders how they got such high rank in Google? You may think it was very expensive to get that site on top of the stack. The funny thing is that with a little know how and for about $ 75 you can also go up.

Search Engine Optimization or "SEO", has become a standard in web design industry, every customer of a good web designer wants to be number one in their keyword and may be willing to pay extra money to get there. A good web designer dress in a web page from home sites to meet the needs of your customer in certain keywords. The customer will also have to pay more for the exclusivity to remain there untouched. SEO has become a niche for a lot of web companies. They know that if they can get the company to rapidly above, the word of mouth will be helpful to your business.

Through specialized META tags (hidden group of keywords), the web designer strategically place keywords multiple times in the title bar, keywords and text, even as hidden. Some search engines have found these tricks of the trade out and have banned certain websites from their indexes. Google has become the engine of choice for many people today. There is a different logic Google uses to calculate page rank and keywords is only part of it.In fact, Google uses a specialized mathematical equation to place your site in a predetermined order. 

First things first, if your website is a keyword that does not automatically give you a top spot. It will take time to climb the ranks and you must register with Google as soon as possible to push up their ranks. However, just having the correct address (Universal Resource Locator) does not guarantee the top spot either. It must also be swapping or reciprocating links to other Google users. The more you use Google websites that are indexed, the faster and higher your site will be in the ranks.

A Google robot will visit your website frequently to further modify the code and maintain control of their rank and condition. Finally, the site will climb the ranks and land on top.It may take time and work, but you get the hang of keeping it there once used the right combination of keywords with links. Some companies may charge up to $ 1,000 for first place, using the same techniques, although they do not want you to know this. Keep your META tags, title, keywords and content according to your keywords and look to optimize them. Under no circumstances take another persons keywords against your code, which is potentially dangerous because it could be violating copyright laws.


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